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Skate Safe, Skate Smart by practicing the most vital moves in optimal order.

Beginner skateboarding with 3 simple steps

Skill set’s don’t separate winners from losers, strategies do.

Practice with a purpose, fine tune your skills and build a solid foundation that will launch your skateboard ability upward.  Yes, there’s absolutely an efficient way to learn how to ride a skateboard. Building your board and body relationship for better control and safety starts with proper fundamental drills and practice.


An effective way of stepping onto your skateboard before learning to roll and push.
Place your skateboard on a surface that will prevent it from rolling out from under the rider. We suggest holding your child’s hands if your doing this on concrete. The skateboard will roll quickly out from under the rider resulting in body, hip and wrist accidents. Being on a surface that slows the wheels down will give the rider more stable practice time to learn lifting the nose upwards and getting the feel of maneuvering the skateboard.

With your front foot planted firmly on the skateboard, practice lifting your back foot up onto the tail of your board and back onto the ground. Your front foot should be towards the front of the board. Do not put your leading foot above the 2 upper most bolts near the nose of the board.


This is the #1 action move for the beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and expert skateboarders.
Beginners should be on a surface that stops the wheels from rolling out from under them. Holding a hand or both is great for on fast surfaces.

While lifting your front / leading leg upwards and bending at the knee, Slightly shift your weight to your back leg and plant it firmly & quickly down to the ground. Reverse the step by shifting your weight slightly towards the front straightening your leg and planting your foot firmly & quickly to the ground. It’s not the funnest move to practice but vital for what’s to come in the next step and intro to tricks.

This move is the first step in steering the skateboard. A little further down the learning process this move will lead to stopping and allowing you to get up and over cracks, curbs and eventually build your skill to getting completely off the ground with watch we call the “ollie“.


Master this skill to achieve advanced benefits of control and versatility when the time comes for advanced moves.
This basic maneuver known as “Tick Tacking“ will generate forward momentum allowing you to gain speed without pushing, turn quickly and change directions.

This move along with the Tail Stall will not only help with all your control skills, it will open doors to many variations of advanced skateboard tricks. The more you practice, the better you will get.



Learning the best methods of skateboarding will allow you to build your skill and grow your ability naturally. Practice vital navigation skills so you to maneuver yourself safely when it comes time to turn sharp, carve gradually, stop fast, stop slowly or bail out if quickly when you sense danger.

Practice skateboarding by learning the most essential moves in optimal order. Train deliberately and get constant feedback with expert guidance. Skateboard lessons and personal training classes by a professional skateboarder in Orange County, California.

Happy Skateboarding!



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