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For the love of skateboarding.

HSD welcomes Ronnie Creager, company founder, old flipper & all round know it nothing. Rodney Mullen once said something about him, sponsored him, took him under his wing and even bought him a TV from fry's electronic once. Seems to me like Ronnie's been looking for handouts his whole life.. Why not buy his pro model board so his $2.00 royalty can buy him a X-Treme-ly large snickers bar. He'll be hyped on sugar and talk your ears off for hours about nothing. 

  • Quality Craftsmanship - Limited 
  • Creager Shaped and Approved
  • Manufactured by: PS Stix - Thank you Paul for the Tweaks!

Ronnie cares. If your not happy with your HSD Treasure, He isn't happy. Return your treasure and he will return your hard earned money so you can waste it on something stupid.

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